Why Midtown Funerals And Why Now

Why Midtown Funerals And Why Now

When I was kid growing up on the South side of Chicago, it was the norm to have milk and cheese delivered, have the butcher pull up in his white Cadillac (that had a built-in freezer in the trunk of his sedan De Ville) bringing steaks and chops to the door and some guy in the alley shouting “RAGS!” for people who needed to buy cleaning supplies. It was also common to see a flower car, 2 or 3 limousines (for lodges and organizations) precede the hearse in a procession. Of course, there was also a limousine for the family. Requiem masses were 90 minutes long so there was plenty of time for a sit-down breakfast at the local diner for all the drivers once mass started. I know because when I was 8 or 9 years old that was my summer job-carry flowers, hand out funeral stickers and vacuum the chapel after a service. And of course, join in for breakfast. Much has changed since 1966 but then again, much has stayed the same. Like today, I’m sure there were funeral directors (who in 1966) longed for the days of funeral designs from the 1930’s and 1940. Today, the ragman in the alley has been replaced by the makers of Bounty Disposable towels; the milk man and the meat man have been replaced by the grocery store and funeral processions, if they occur, are mostly identified by the sole funeral vehicle-the hearse. In addition to the disappearing livery, today we have the disappearing funeral home. I’m taking into consideration the landscape of Chicago proper and not so much the suburbs (but that’s soon on the horizon, I’m sure).  Neighborhood funeral homes are gone (as are many of the houses of worship) and people must drive rather than walk to pay their respects. In many cases, the proper value of the funeral home far exceeds the value of the business. People are choosing different options for honoring their loved ones. Some are traditional, some are inventive, some are focused on a life well lived and some need a setting where family and friends support the immediate survivors in all situations, especially when tragedy has created an inexcusable and tragic death. In essence, every family has unique needs, and the reality is every family makes the right decision when a well-informed professional funeral director can help create those tributes. There is no wrong decision when or what to do. The most traditional funeral is no better or worse than a scattering of ashes, a water cremation, or a green burial. And for that reason, I believe a proper setting for creating a lasting tribute is in an environment dedicated to the sanctity of caring for the deceased. There is no other place than a funeral home to provide that comfort and care. That is why I feel that with the sudden exodus of funeral establishments in the city of Chicago, a decision to create a confident and supportive environment is needed now more than ever.

Midtown Funeral Home and Cremation Options is an establishment set in the heart of the north side occupying over 17,000 square feet, there are 3 chapels, a morgue to ensure care and security of the deceased and a comfortable lounge for family and visitors to gather. There is ample parking to accommodate those who wish to pay their respects. Too often families have to travel to an office space located in a business or retail area or a warehouse nestled in some industrial off the main track alongside a chemical factory or a balloon wholesaler. Where is your loved one? In most cases, somewhere where you are not making the arrangements. Funeral homes may no longer have 2 or 3 day wakes preceding the day of the funeral and while that might signify the change in society’s values or norms, it does not become synonymous with the extinction of a proper establishment solely dedicated and created for the benefit of the deceased and their survivors.

Midtown Funeral Home and Cremation Options will become many things for many people. It is our hope and desire to offer and guarantee a setting that is supportive, competent, informative and available. We are a funeral home dedicated to the vision of surviving and providing, when you walk through our doors, you will find a funeral home and only a funeral home Much like your grandparents and great grandparents have experienced in their history. You won’t have to sit at a desk in a room next to a dry cleaner. We’ve taken the trust found in past funeral establishments and brought that to the forefront in creating a relevant approach for your family. Much has changed. Much has stayed the same. A funeral home is very aware of the passing hours but also aware of the time that is now and able to direct energy to the needs of tomorrow. What is desired for the remedy of grief follows no time table. Neither should the mechanics of funeral care be limited to what was. A funeral home prominently present today is witness to the need and care created in the past and ready to continue ahead.

Midtown Funeral Home and Cremation Options is that funeral establishment.

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