Cremation Services

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There are many options when it comes to cremation. You’re not limited to the types of services you can plan and host for your loved ones. Together, we will plan a meaningful service —we listen to your stories so we understand who your loved one was, what they cherished, and what made them unique.

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Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering held to honor and remember the life of the departed person and happens after the cremation. It can take place at a funeral home, religious institution, community center, or any other suitable location. The service can include readings, speeches, music, videos, and rituals, allowing family and friends to share memories, offer condolences, and find solace together.

Funeral Service

A traditional funeral includes a visitation, service, cremation, and reception. You may host a traditional funeral service with the casket present before the cremation takes place. These can take place at a funeral home or place of worship, and the cremation would follow.

Celebration of Life

Instead of a traditional funeral or memorial service, some families opt for a celebration of life event. This gathering focuses on celebrating the person’s life and achievements rather than dwelling on their passing. It can take the form of a joyful gathering, with music, speeches, stories, and shared memories that highlight the positive aspects of the person’s life.


Graveside Service

If you choose to bury the cremated remains, a graveside service can be conducted at the burial site. This service may include prayers, readings, eulogies, and the interment of the urn containing the ashes. It provides an opportunity for loved ones to say their final goodbyes and pay their respects.


Scattering of Ashes

Scattering the cremated remains in a meaningful location can be a solemn and symbolic act. It can be done in a designated scattering garden, at sea, in a favorite outdoor location, or in any place that held significance to the deceased person. Family and friends can participate in the scattering ceremony and may choose to say a few words or perform a ritual during the process.

Columbarium Service

A columbarium is a structure designed to house urns or containers with cremated remains. Some crematoriums, cemeteries, or religious institutions have columbariums where families can store the urns and visit them. A service can be conducted at the columbarium, allowing family and friends to gather, offer prayers, share memories, and place the urn in its designated niche.

Plan a meaningful service with us